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Thread: Drawer glides

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    Drawer glides

    Is there a drawer glide that will allow the drawer to be pulled out of one side of the cabinet as well as the other side.

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    'Two way slides'

    Edit..Whoops, guess I should of said something...howdy, how bout this...whatcha workin on...or at least hope it helps
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    You could save yourself a bunch of money by just making a drawer the width of the cabinet, and use a wood to wood slide. It could be a strip of wood that rides in a dado, or the bottom of the drawer edges would ride on rails or on a substrate, like a dust stop. With the drawer the width of the cabinet, it will pull out more than you would need to get to more than half of what's in it.

    You can make it slide real nice by using mica (HPL - high pressure laminate) strips, like Formica as mating edges. There's pictures in this thread:


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