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Thread: Introducing a new tool!!

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    Introducing a new tool!!

    I’ve had these trammel points for a couple of months and because it is tool hot to work in the shop I brought them inside yesterday.

    So what is it??
    It’s a Chuck Jaw Trammel Divider of course. Replaces standard dividers for laying out tenons and recesses.

    Measurements taken from the set point and three different color lines for my 35mm spigot, 50mm, and 100mm jaws.

    For a tenon, second trammel is set to the first line (of each color). From this line you make your standard “turners guess” as to how much to enlarge the spigot/tenon based upon how soft/wet the wood is and if it is a rough or final turning. The line does give the optimum size based upon your manufacturer.

    The second line gives the recess diameter. This will not vary since you want the smallest diameter that meets your chucks specifications.

    Yes there are two orange line because my Nova 35mm spigot jaws have a small step and a large step. I have never used the steps but if I ever do they are there.

    I realize this may not work for those of you with lots of chucks. It may become too crowded or you may run out of colors.

    Easy to make and the points were $7.95 from Grizzly. For a limited time only, I will send to you a full kit (trammel set and a piece of wood) for only $31.95 and $12.50 S&H. Order yours today!! Allow six week for delivery, customer responsible for drawing their own lines.
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    Pretty slick idea, Mike.
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    Cool idea. I would probably run out of colored line.
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