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Thread: Cool resaw attachment for the bandsaw

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    Cool resaw attachment for the bandsaw

    if it works as he says it does it would sure be quite a time saver and no more having to adjust the fence for drift....... seems to take all the pain and suffering out of resawing!

    he has another vid resawing a piece of coa

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    Looks pretty cool
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    Great looking jig!

    The guy should put something under that short leg on his saw, strange to see it bouncing around like that!
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    So other than the method of holding the wood, whats the trick for controlling the drift? A good blade? Set up?
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    According to the rep there is no issue with drift with this set up because all the cutting is done on the teeth and there is nothing to cause the blade to twist.
    It looks easy enough to make in the shop. I may rig something up to see if the principle holds true

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    Neat jig, a guy could probably build something close. Good to see safety first in his shop
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    I have a log sawing sled for my bandsaw, and with that I do have to adjust the blade so it's not drifting left or right. Having a fresh sharp blade also makes a big difference in reducing the drift on my saw. (Most of my bandsaw cuts are done in t a circle doing turning blanks, so the blade tends to get a set in it after a while then all it wants to do is go in circles.

    I like the track system this guy is using to move the miter slot. Looks like a slick way to resaw veneers. Gives me some ideas for my sled.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's a local company in my neck O the woods! But 1 st time I have seen the special table set-up. Probably be shown at this falls Wood Show. I have already heard the ads on the radio, as it's 9 weeks away Summer is going fast!
    in case you want one
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    Neat. I wondered about drift also.
    Never saw an adjustable table like that before. Lotsa ww stuff I haven't seen.
    His table was wobbly.
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    So if i understand this video correctly the new addition is the sliding bandsaw table. The little gripper has been around for years.

    I was gonna post a link back to Vaughns set up which i remember but he beat me to it.

    So all i can see that is different is that in order to get consistent and controlable thickness of cuts the sliding table is used as opposed to trying to reset the log.

    But i have seen home made versions where the log is mounted on a sled that slides on another base that tracks in the groove.
    That would alleviate the need for a sliding table or am i missing somthing.
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