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Thread: W&H Molder

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    W&H Molder

    Has anyone published anything on how to use this tool. The operaters manual is quite vague.
    I just purchased a W7 am trying to get it set up. Have to go purchase a drive belt before I can go further.

    Also trying to switch over from router table to shaper. Purchased a new Shop Fox shaper, then ran across a deal I couldn"t refuse on a used Rockwell/Delta
    Got a few Freeborn cutters with it, and purchased a used Grizzly 1/4 hp stock feeder off Ebay, so have a lot of learning going on right now. I've had fantastic luck with the router table making panel doors, etc., but ready to start a project where I need 8' long stiles, so have to get this shaper thing going, and then I need cove around the cieling, so that brought in the W&H.
    Guess it's going to be a long summer.

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    welcome ed and the W&H is a fine machine and can do alot of moulding.. curves too
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