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Thread: Handsaw Totes

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    Handsaw Totes

    These are replacement totes I made for a couple of old handsaws I inherited from my dad that were handed down to him by his dad. My dad passed away in 1989 and my grandfather died in 1954, a year before I was born, so these have been around for a while. The one on the left in the first picture is a replacement for an old Disston #12 rip saw that I did my best to duplicate from the original. The other is an old Disston #7 and I decided to do something a little different with it than the original. Both of these were broken, wired and taped up with a lot of black electrical tape and pretty much beyond repair when I got them, although I did hang onto all the pieces of the originals. The #12 was missing one of the fasteners and the #7 was missing the medalion so rather have holes with no fasteners I chose to leave those out.
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    Looks like you did a great job.

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    Very nice job Roy. I have a saw or two waiting for some restoration.

    You sharpened them up yet??

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    Roy...what kind of wood did you use?

    I have an old craftsman handed down from my grandfather I want to do the same thing to

    Nice work!

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    well done
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    Very nice
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    sweet! Those came out real nice! your grandpa and dad would be quite proud!

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    Those came out looking great, Roy. The carving is a nice extra touch.
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    Love the details you added. It'd be tempting to just skip those, but man they add the extra touch!
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    I appreciate all the feedback from you guys. To answer Dom's question one of them is walnut the other is ash. There wasn't really any rhyme or reason behind the choice of woods, that just happened to be what was lying around at the time. They are in pretty good shape right now, as far as sharpening goes. I'll probably need to hit the #7 before long as it sees a lot more use than any of my other handsaws. I have a couple back saws that need sharpening too so I'm hoping to take a nice rainy Sturday when I don't have anything else going on to tackle those.

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