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Thread: Craftsman Weekend - 10/14-16/2011

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    Craftsman Weekend - 10/14-16/2011

    For those fortunate (?) enough to live in or close to Pasadena, the 20th Annual Pasadena Heritage Craftsman Weekend is scheduled to take place October 14-16. Loaded with tours, seminars, home and landscape design lectures, various workshops, and even a "Woodworkers Dream" drive yourself tour.

    Wish I could be there!

    (Mods - Carpentry and Construction seemed the logical place for this - feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate forum.)
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    About 25-30 miles from my place. I will go if I can find the time.

    Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, Rennie. I've heard of Pasadena...may have even driven by there a time or two. (To those who don't know, Pasadena is about 10 miles from my house. From the right vantage points, you can see the Goodyear blimp from here when there's a game at the Rose Bowl.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Madha View Post
    About 25-30 miles from my place. I will go if I can find the time.

    Thanks for posting.
    It's a bit too far out time-wise for me to predict my schedule, but if you go, let me know. It'd be fun to meet up. (And of course you'd be welcome to come play in the shop if you'd like, too.)
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    I went last year. Got to meet and have talks with Darrell Peart. Tom Stangeland, David O. Wade and others. It is inspiring to see the furniture these guys make up close and get to actually discuss design, joinery and assembly techniques with them.

    There was a great deal of things that would not have drawn me there; tile, paintings, restoration hardware and so forth. The demos and dissuasions by those whose names and work I know was well worth the drive for me. It is a small, one hall show but quite a bit larger than previous shows which I was told were held in rec centers and church buildings around Pasadena.
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