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Thread: David Marks at his drum table

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    David Marks at his drum table

    One of the few people with ww shows on tv that I can honestly say are worth watching. I always come away learning some new little trick or tweak or some new method of attacking a problem.
    A true artisan in this field! Also the only person I have ever seen free hand inlay with a full size router!

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    Nice but there is another one that does free hand inlay that way. Marc Spagnuolo, but he did study under David, so we will call it a wash The reason they use the full size is the weight. It gives the mover control and doesn't want to run as much.
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    wished i could get his show,, but only did for l year a long time ago..
    definatly a good showman, and teacher knew guy that took one of his plane making classes and got alot more than that for the time he was there.
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