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    Newest Commission

    Hi everyone
    Been a while since I've posted anything here. Lots been happening lately. Had a heart attack in March which kind of put me out commission for a while but happy to report that things are back to normal for me now. Haven't been doing much scroll saw work but plenty of other projects keeping me busy.
    Last year I decided to try something new and set up a page on CustomMade .com. Although I have gotten a few small commissions from this, I wondered if it was worth the cost to continue. Well it has paid off with my best commission yet, so it looks like I will renew for another year. This is the prototype of a custom knife block that I made for a client that is having me make 40 of these to give to their customers for Christmas. The client sent me the specs of all the knives and an idea for the shape of the prototype and here it is.
    Made from Walnut, Cherry and Maple. Quite a challenge to get everything to fit perfectly figuring the 18 degree angles involved and producing so many perfect glue lines but I whipped it with the help of different custom jigs which I will use for the mass production work. This will keep me busy for awhile!!!.

    Let the fun begin!!!
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    Sorry to hear about the Heart attack Mike! Glad to see you back!

    And what a spectacular project!

    Being a bit of a home cook at heart I really can appreciate that block. I can only imagine the set of knives that is going to hold!

    40! That's going to keep you busy a while!
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    Cool & the contrasting colors should work well in any decor...congrats on the order as well!

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    That looks great, Mike. How did you make the slots for the knives?

    And glad to hear the whole heart attack thing is over and done. :thimb:
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    Glad you are doing well.

    That is the coolest knife block that I've ever seen. Beautifully made too
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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm pretty excited about this project. It will be a challenge to meet the Nov deadline but I believe I can do it.

    To Vaughn--Because all of the knives are different sizes, I made tracing templates for each section then drilled a 1/16" pilot hole which allows me to thread a scroll saw blade to cut out the slots. These sections are 3/4" thick then glued together. The interior of the block is solid except where cut outs were made to accommodate the knife blades. Lots of precision involved.
    "why buy it if you can build it"
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    Mike, your projects are always unique and interesting. This one is no exception.

    Glad you are doing better healthwise.
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