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Thread: wasnt a total wasted day

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    wasnt a total wasted day

    I got up this morning pretty washed out from spending the entire day yesterday outdoors with a party I hosted.
    My wife went down the jersey coast today with her friends, and I figured Id relax and maybe actually tackle something in the shop, maybe some cleaning up.
    I walked out at 10:30 or so, I punched in the code for the door, I looked at the mess, and said, too hot, another day.
    I expected my daughter to come over to pick up her car(someone had too much to drink yesterday) and Id take her out for lunch.
    I was in the shower, she yelled, didnt think I was home, that was that.
    I decided to drive into brooklyn and take a look at a where I grew up, and where I was born. Nothing else to do.
    On my way home, I saw a lady sitting in front of her home in Brighton Beach, garage sale, but she looked like she just sits there every day, or at least gave me that impression.
    What caught my eye was a couple of planes and some saws.
    I wasnt going to purchase anything, didnt look like anything worth wild, but I saw she had a 10 price sticker on a bailey #4, and I said to her, the entire blade assembly is missing, its all rusted and pitted, Ill give you a dollar for it.
    She smiled and said to me jokingly, maybe you been in the sun too much today young man.
    I laughed and said, no way 10 bucks, Im just going to take the handles off and toss the rest, be nice. She said, ok 5.
    I said, 3 and Im on my way home with my new used handle.
    She smiled and said sure.
    I figure the handle and knob are worth the 3 bucks. It will be just another prop eventually.(I like the higher knob)
    I think when I get my lathe unburied and want to spin something, Im going to use one of these old knobs from a plane and make myself a shaving brush handle. Ill spin a small piece to hold the brush part and attach it to the knob.
    Wasnt such a wasted day I figured, I dug through a whole bunch of rusted old tools.
    Now Ill go empty the kitchen cabs for tomorrows install.
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    Sounds like it was a relaxing way to spend a day. Good for you, mental health days are important to our well being.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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