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Thread: Born to be wild

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    Born to be wild

    Helped the neighbor load his bikes in his trailer as he's headed to Sturgis. He has six bikes and took three with him...I asked him if he'd like to leave the keys to the others with me, you know, for safe keeping <<<He did the same{lol}
    Then he sez...hey I got a bike you can have if you can get it running, it's yours... a minute later he pushes this out of his garage...
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    not what I was hoping for, but you know the saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth" I pushed her home, and proceeded to play mechanic{I was going to say 'doctor', but..,I'm beginning to get to know some of you and your humor }...
    Lot of broken wiring/solder joints, but the cause of no go was a bad ignition switch...bypassed it with a toggle switch and... Vroom vroom
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    So anyways, she's mine, all 24 volts of her and her 20 mph hair straightening speed... I bet the dog gets more walks now that I won't have to keep pace with him
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    It was made by a company called Boreem, but I couldn't resist giving her a new badge
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    It's been kinda like my birthday weekend{it's not, that's in Nov} not only this gift, but the girl next door{I use the word 'girl' loosely, Larry's met her, he'll understand } anyways 'Alky Butch' gave me a couple of handsaws {she's had forever}tonight in exchange to fix her gate so the dog can't get out I'm going to throw up a post in hand tools to see if they're worth any time to get in shape.

    Hope your weekend was as enjoyable!

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    Very Cool! and those flames alone ought to get you an extra 5 mph!
    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    I love your humor! The rebadge is cool!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    I bet you'll be the best looking scooter shopper at your local Walmart
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    Wow Dennis Hoppers hoveround! Takes "Easy Rider" to a whole new level!

    Cool toy Ken! that's great you were able to get her working!

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    Yer gonna look real b-a-a-a-a-d riding that around.
    Jest head for the nearest biker bar and pick up some guys babe now.
    "Folks is funny critters."

    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. ~Voltaire

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