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Thread: Improvised spray booth

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    Improvised spray booth

    Given i have made a switch to the Enduro water based finish which suites me in many more ways than one. I am now able to finish in my shop without any issues.

    So in getting ready to spray the vanity i set up an improvised spray booth by standing some 2x4 lumber i had in the shop and using clamps to fasten it to my canoe rack above the heater. Then with left over poly sheeting from the vapor barrier at the time of building the shop i hung it like a curtain on another piece just clamping it to cross piece and letting it drop on the floor.

    Made a L shaped booth in the center of the shop. Then lucky me a friend gave me some plastic saw horses which take a 2x lumber at the top. I happen to have two perfect pieces of 2x8 lumber left over from some or other project. Well this served as the perfect height for a table. Layed some old scrap particle board down and some Borg barging bin MDF down and voila all set to go. Brought in the lazy susan turntable, turned it upside down and all set.

    Then brought my spray pipe all flex stuff across from the regulator water trap and I was in action.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now to get the tone on the mahogany right i bought some General stain dye and a small about of this stuff gets me a nice tone to the enduro. General said it was Ok to mixe the two.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Made up some tests samples and got the tone right.

    Been at it since Sat.

    This worked out very well. We have a civic holiday here today so i get to finish the finishing. Just waiting for the previous coat to dry so i can knock it down and hit it again.

    I got a bit to learn about spraying but ist practice and patience that will have me come right.

    Needed some extra light to have more light on the subject so i hooked up my job site lights on the table. There are many times when i have found it very handy to have the extension electrical outlet just there hanging from the ceiling.

    So far setup is working out very well.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spraying Vanity and booth 001.jpg   Spraying Vanity and booth 002.jpg   Spraying Vanity and booth 006.jpg   Spraying Vanity and booth 007.jpg   Spraying Vanity and booth 010.jpg  

    Spraying Vanity and booth 011.jpg   Spraying Vanity and booth 013.jpg  
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    Nice Nice good stuff!!!

    Lookin good Rob!
    did that file show up yet?
    And what grits are you using to sand between coats. I have found 320 for the first and then 400 after that has given me good results

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    I agree with Rich. The table (and your spray booth) is looking great.
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    Where does your overspray go? I would think that spraying into that barrier, you would get an awful lot of blowback of overspray that would settle back on your work.

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    It is the great table that sets off the spray paint booth making it look so good.


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    Great idea for the spray booth Rob

    Just curious. Does spraying give better results over hand finishing or is it just faster???
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    Bob I am too much of a rookie to comment fairly on your question.

    The part that did not amuse me is the sanding between coats of the water based varnish i used. I made things worse in terms of time because i put a toner stain into the finish and had two colors, which got mr impatience coming out of the closet and added to the runs and drips etc.

    What i like is the lacquer finish. The swap box i sent you was lacquer finish which can be brushed on as well as sprayed. I used the deft stuff from LV.

    I only put up the poly drop cloth to prevent the over spray from going all over my machines. I also ran my air cleaner while spraying.

    The one problem i did not have was dust or blow back but remember i am using a very small gun and small compressor nothing like most of you use.

    I guess that added to my time to finish in some ways but overall i enjoyed the experience and thats what its about learning and having fun for me. I am not into production. This is escape time for me.

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