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Thread: small gloat

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    small gloat

    There burning some trees at work that fell during a storm. Well one is this big old maple.It was covered with burls, and i just coun't resist cutting them off before they burned the tree. Did get a little of the wood also. There was about 20 burls that i got off this one tree and about 10 of a couple other smaller trees. Did i ever say how much i loooove burls. yes the last 3 pieces i turned were from this stash.
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    Steve, I hate to tell you this, but none of those burls look like they'd be worth the effort to turn them. Why don't you go ahead and send them to me and I'll properly dispose of them for you.

    You lucky dawg.
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    When I was a kid I used to carve bowls and spoons for my Mom out of burls like those.

    Nice gloat
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    Nice haul.
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    those will make some interesting turnings
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    Congrats on that score. Those should make some nice turnings for sure.
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    Nice haul Stephen!. Those burls will make some cool projects.
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    Nice score. Can't wait to see the product.

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