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Thread: Fence Gates

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    Fence Gates

    I need some help and advise please.

    I am putting up a small fence and couple of gates on the side of the house to close off the passageway to the back leading directly to my shop.

    So i have worked out a design to match the fence but cannot decide which way to lay the 2x4 lumber in the gate.

    Here is a picture of what i have in mind. There are to be two gates both the same just a mirror of each other.

    Which way would be best and why? A or B

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh and gates will hang off a 6x6 post.

    Thank you in advance for any tips help or advice.

    You guys have any preference for hinges. One gate is gonna flip inward 90 degrees against the fence running down to the shop and the other is gonna do a 180 degree flip inward against the remaining bit of fence the same width as the gate.
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    Honestly, both will work, I think it's a matter of esthetics. The cross brace should come from the bottom on the hinged side, but once the pickets are attached both are just as strong as the other. 'A' will give a few more inches of access if the gate can't swing around out of the way.

    Edit: I guess with 'A' you may have a slight chance of it warping, probably more so than 'B', just depends on the material used.
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    darren has lend you right on his thoughts rob!! if it were me i would go with the A version for what your doing, 33" wide shouldnt do much warping if your wood is anywhere near dry. but i would use a lap joint on the frame part rather than a butt joint. and then screw the corner brace in place..
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    I agree with Darren and Larry. Design A with lap joints and tight fitting firmly attached brace will work just fine for a 33" wide gate. However, to get a 180 swing on the gate, the hinge needs to be attached to the inward side of the 6x6 post. That means that neither design will be flush with other side of the post. If it is important to be flush and swing 180, you could use design B and build it with a 2x6 frame, not 2x4. Another choice would be to add to the post side of the frame so that the gate is pushed froward to be flush with the fence.

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