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Thread: Good to get back here.

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    Good to get back here.

    The internet and cable went out Monday morning. Got it back Tuesday afternoon, and the computer died about 20 minutes later. Got word from the computer shop that a new, better (isn't it always that way) computer would only be about $170 more than fixing the old one. That's cool--but fix the old one, I'm cheap. Computer shop calls back and says the fix is only temp--found another problem. Good grief--do the new one I say. CS calls back--your old printer may not work with the new computer--it may just be too old for new technology. I'll deal with it; you guys are good, make it work I told him. They did; I have new computer; I can print. All is good! Just figured out my ancient scanner won't work with this computer. Computer shop has an adapter that may work--only $40 more. Sometimes I wish I had never heard of computers. But then, I would know you wonderful people. Computer is worth every penny when I think of it that way.


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    Better living and lower productivity through the use of Technology....

    Welcome back!
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    Good to see you're back. In the long run I'll bet you'll be happier with the new computer.

    Personally, I use a scanner so little that I'm not sure it'd be worth $40 to me to get an old one running. My current printer is an all-in-one that has a scanner, but other than using it to make photocopies, the scanner has sat virtually unused.
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    Just bought a scanner, printer, copier/photo copier at Wal Mart. Epson 3052A for $49.99. It was in the wrong stack of sale copiers, electronics guy told me I didn't know what I was talking about so asked him for his name and the asst. name because when I got up front and it rang up $69.99 I wasn't paying that price. A guy behind me heard the exchange so he grabbed one, then the asst. told him I was right and well, I have a new printer. Very happy with it, seems to be user friendly. The 3050 was on sale which is the older version of mine, just doesn't have the flip up screen.

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