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Thread: Setting a grinder rest?

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    Setting a grinder rest?

    Does anyone have any tricks for setting a bench grinder rest to approximately 25 degrees?. Ive been cleaning up some flea market finds and have needed to regrind some plane/chisels that were way off 25 degrees or had mutiple angles ground into the edge and its been taking me alot of time to get the grinder rest set and changed when the wheel wears.

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    Veritas makes a grinding rest that will do plane blades and chisels and they have a skew sled as well. It comes with an angle guide that has 4 different angles. you set it on the tool rest and line it up with the wheel. Ive had good luck with it used in conjunction with their sharpening guide to run final honing on the stones.,43072,43072,43072

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    Check out the instruction sheet and you can see how they do it with the kit.

    I have the kit and use it for my plane irons and chisels

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