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Thread: 2011-mother nature is putting a damper on woodworking at home?

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    2011-mother nature is putting a damper on woodworking at home?

    has anyone felt the horrible winter cold/snows and severe storms this summer along with the stifling heat has kept them away from their time spent woodworking?

    I feel this year I put in about half the time this summer as compared to last summer. due to the excessive heat since may.
    Id say about 20 % less this past winter due to heavy snowfall/cold

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    You would be the one to bring up this topic and apply numbers to time!
    You get 5 times more done in a year when you have 1/4 the time to do it in than I can even imagine completing. And that is not a tongue in cheek comment, that is a serious statement from me to you!
    I guess it is our other commitments that come into play Allen. When I did my shop build it was top priority. Now with my wife's physical disability and minimum 3 physical therapy treatments weekly as well as my concern to be with her or taking her some where when I am available, the shop time has been compromised. But it should be so for me and my situation right now.
    I have enjoyed shop time making wooden items for the farm and livestock so it is being quite beneficial when needed and it does make more efficient use of my time when I am building needed items. I don't want to wish my life away, but when I retire, I will have a resource for using/utilizing my time instead of the couch being my only option.
    But yes, the depth of snow last winter as well as the length of cold spells and their severity kept me on my toes with wood and keeping livestock watered, fed and healthy.
    This summer, the heat's intensity and durations have taxed us keeping livestock cool and watered. Fans are running in two barns for three pens of bottle calves. Just this week consolidated two pens of calves into one and enlarged their corral. But that fan needs to stay on as the grandson's pony is now in that box stall.

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    I haven't done as much in the shop as I usually do only because of other things that need my attention.

    My shop is in the basement so it's always pretty comfortable. Weather is not a consideration. I do run a dehumidifier during the real humid days. I cut in some vents in the heat ducts so it's pretty comfortable in the winter as well.
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    all i know, is that i've lost almost 10 lbs working on the table for the fair...
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    I am going to follow along with everyone else, I think. When I have something to do in the shop, it gets done regardless of the weather. On the other hand, life does get in the way more than I would like.

    When the snow gets deep, I can shove it off with what ever is handy, of course I need to shove more than just a way to the shop. When it gets hot, I sweat it out.
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    I don't like the cold, so it's more likely to keep me out of the shop than heat... my shop is a stand alone metal building out back, and even though I tried to put it under the shade trees, it still gets a lot of sun and without insulation, gets pretty warm inside... I've seen it over 100 in the shop... with fans and minimal clothing (modesty and safety does dictate some decorum), I generally get done what I need to... biggest problem seems to be the sweat dripping into my finishes...
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    Since I have been sidetracked from woodworking until all the land clearing and tree planting is done - I have very little opportunity to play in the shop - but due to the hot weather, I cannot take advantage of very many of the opportunities that do show up from time to time. Was not an issue in the winter, but this hot for too long.

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