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Thread: Spray gun- dangedest issue

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    Spray gun- dangedest issue

    Been fighting with my HF HVLP gun the last couple of times I tried to use it. It would spray intermittently or really better to say sputter and I could not figure out why. One last attempt and I cleaned it to within an inch of it's life and it still did it. I took everything I could apart so I knew it was clean.

    I had thinner in it and with the lid off I was spraying and noticed something odd. When I sprayed there were bubbles in the thinner (and paint) and no good self-respecting gun should bubble.

    I finally tracked it down and assume it is cracked of damaged casting. As I adjust the fan adjustment it got worse and better. The air from the fan adjustment is somehow bleeding in the air chamber and up into the paint. Needless to say paint with bubbles doesn't spay well.

    Best guess is there is a flaw in the casting somewhere because the gaskets are all good. I ordered a new one today and will use that one for parts if needed. Up to the point it has been a great little gun.
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    This is not directly on topic but I bought the Porter Cable PSH-1 conversion HVLP gun and it's an excellent gun. I got mine for about $60 but they're more expensive now. But I have seen them on eBay for about $70.

    I had problems with the gun not spraying properly one time and traced it down to the air hole on the reservoir - it had gotten plugged up. Once I cleaned it, the gun worked fine.

    For work in someone's house, I've used it with a pancake compressor and had no problems. But it wasn't a really big job.

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    This is the set up I use for clears. It has been excellent! I can't say enough good things about it!

    HVLP LVLP several tip sizes, hose and pressure pot. Really lays it down nice.

    I use a DeVilbiss finishline gravity feed for pigments and I have a Matco gravity feed touch up gun with a .8mm tip that I use for spraying dyes and stains.

    All of them peform very well for me and would highly recommend any of them.

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