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Thread: While on Yatching ...Bluenose build update

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    While on Yatching ...Bluenose build update

    Warning major wooworking and time hijack

    Thought many would like to see an update on the Bluenose refit.

    webcam here

    lots of photos

    Not too long to go. Some amazing woodworking involved here.

    sent from my Atrix

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    That's some back breaking work there even with all the hoists and other machinery.
    Can't imagine doing that 150 200 years ago. Could you imagine trying to use one of those augers with a hand brace?

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    Ha, and I'm struggling with my little project!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    Ha, and I'm struggling with my little project!!!
    Looking good Paul!
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    Thanks for posting Rob. That is some fantastic work. Way nicer than the Onrust I helped with.

    Is that in Lunenburg, NS? We were there on our honeymoon a few (12) years back and I remember seeing the Bluenose there.
    Don Orr

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