The gentleman I recently bought a bunch of hand planes/scrapers from (see post in Neander land) contacted me about some saws he's found:

I've looked over my saws and mitre box, and have done some research. It looks like I have a 26" Disston mitrebox saw from 1947-1953 (model 4, apparently), with a Millers Falls mitrebox.

The saw needs to be cleaned up (a bit of rust), and the box is in great condition.

I also have a 22" long Disston #7 panel saw from 1917-1940. It needs some cleaning, too.

And I have a George Bishop 22" panel saw.

I think the Disston panel saw is probably worth about $25.
From what I can find, the mitrebox saw plus mitrebox is worth probably close to $100, but I am not trying to get every penny I can -- so I hope to get $80 for it.
I think the Bishop saw is probably worth about $10.

Are you interested in any of the saws? If not, do you happen to know anyone who might be? I thought I'd ask before I list them anywhere.
If anyone here is interested, I'd be happy to pick them up and ship them out for you.