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Thread: Best frameless hinge

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    Best frameless hinge

    I'm trying to figure out the best hinge for a frameless cabinet. I like the looks of frameless cabinets but still not totally sure how they work compared to face frame cabinets. How are the hinges mounted to the cabinet its self? I want to build my own kitchen cabinets and have a good grasp on everything but the hardware. Any input is much appreciated!



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    You should probably look at Blum hings for for frameless or more commonly called European hings. I get all mine from Woodworker's Hardware. Lots of options available. Looks complicated at first but just read everything they have in their catalog and it will become clear. There are other manufacturers out there but I think Blum has the best hings. Good Luck.

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    More experienced folks than me will chime in, but WELCOME to the forum!

    And +1 for Blum hinges.
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    definitely blum hinges. I have used hundreds of them and I can't remember ever having one fail. Get their blumotion soft close attachment and use the inserta hinge.

    For slides the tandem slides with blumotion are very good as are accurides eclipse slides.

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Frameless cabinets are easier to make, use less wood (no faceframe), and take less time. The leading edges still have to be edged with some material to cover whatever substrate was used, unless the cabinet is made of solid wood.

    Frameless cabinets are easier to clean, as the edging can be flat to the bottom. Drawer slides and hinge mounting plates mount right to the sides of the cabinet, and there is no dead space (because of a faceframe).

    Blum hinges are very good hinges, and are on the high side in pricing. A major difference in hinges for face frames and those for frameless, is that for face frames they are sold in inches of overlay or inset (flush). For frameless, the hinges are set up for how much overlay (for either 5/8" or 3/4" ends/dividers). The overlay amount can be achieved either with a certain hinge, and a certain mounting plate. IOW, how far the hinged side of the door sits on the front edge.

    An easy method to picking hinges is a method I use. I use a full overlay hinge, and the overlay is determined by the thickness of the mounting plate. That way, you don't have to know what hinge you are holding (if you had different ones), but just look at the mounting plate because that makes it obvious by it's thickness. For example...a full overlay hinge with a "zero" plate, will be a full overlay. The same hinge with a partial overlay plate (9mm) will set the hinge side of the door over the front edge approximately 3/8".

    Here is a pretty good explanation of the differences between face frame hinges and ones for frameless.


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    See my web page on euro hinges for frame-less cabinets -
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