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Thread: Mexican bulbs

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    Mexican bulbs

    My wife has long wanted some track lighting to show off her extensive collection of bells. So, I bought her some. She didn't like. They went back to Lowe's and I got her some she liked. Problem is the installation was way-way beyond my nearly non-existant elektrikal skills. A friend came by and worked two days doing the wiring and installation. When we finally put in the reflector bulbs and turned on the power I thought they weren't as bright as a 75 watter should be and the light color was very warm, not the daylight the box said. Reading further on the box it turns out they are designed for 130 volts, not 120. The box does say light will be reduced and color affected. They were and not pleasantly. I am unhappy. A product being produced in another country and sold here is not what we really want. But, if it is being sold here it should be made to American standards. I better stop.
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    But, if it is being sold here it should be made to American standards.


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