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Thread: Another re-arrangement

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    Another re-arrangement

    Had to....needed to get a real heat source back in the shop...I sold my last wood-stove and have been using those little ceramic more!!!

    But what an undertaking...figured a day or two shuffling things around...probably would of been that short if I hadn't used my eyes ...

    dived right in with out thinking{par for the course in these boots}...mess city...
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    did manage to somewhat straighten/corral the shorts{I have a hard time throwing anything away, but the wood stove will be well fed this year }
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    Managed a to incorporate the cheap router into the table saw table...that's the old fence laying against the TS fence, don't know if I'll keep it of notch the TS fence...6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other...
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    made some slide thingy's for the benchtop tools, makes it easy to pull out one without the others being in the way. I can peg/pin the ply-bases to the slides if vibration requires..and I also added a couple of slide-in supports for left of the mitre saw, the right side I use a roller guide when needed...
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    a couple of current overview shots...
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    still a ton of stuff I'd like to do, and will, but at a much more leisurely pace...least things are back to useable for now...

    oh yeah, I can actually get to my compressor to drain it on a regular basis now...I filled up a 9" x11" baking pan 'twice' , it was a pain to get to before, now I just move a chair & the shop vac

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    Great looking shop Ken but way too neat

    The sliding things are pretty ingenious
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    Pretty cool (uh, warm?) Ditto on the slides.
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    I like it, looks good.
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    I luv sbop tours. Bet you cant wait for winter eh Ken.

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    That's quite an improvement. Ditto me on the slidey things. Great idea.
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