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Thread: Is it my imagination or should we be honored to be copied

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    Is it my imagination or should we be honored to be copied

    So for some time now i have been wondering if the guys who work over at Fine Woodworking Magazine have been reading our forum and using posts here for inspiration to do articles.

    Today i open my email box and find the latest FWW magazine.

    So here is what comes up

    1) A diy build it yourself guitar thread......You think they been checking out Alex's thread and following it???? Ok co incidence you say.

    2) There is a review this week on Mortises and its the General ....remember a week or two ago Stu wanting to know which benchtop mortiser is the one to buy....Ok more coincidence you say...well

    3) Chicken Coupe Anyone who hangs around here often enough sure knows of Ken Werners Chicken Coop build and its way better and more refined for his ladies than the FWW magazines rough house dog house immitation......what still a coincidence you say well

    4)Stu was making his bench and looking to pin through the mortise and tennons right so what do we have in FWW newsletter an article on pinning tennons and how to make your own dowels.

    Not enough for you well there is also build a roubo bench and more....

    Some of this is in the blog section of their online sight but i do believe our forum is being used for non tradditional inspirational articles.

    The Chicken Coop and dowel making were the final straw.

    Alex's build started way before this guy on their site and his series of members only videos.

    So what do you think.....should we be sending them a legal notice asking for royalties. or perhaps a donation to cover the next ten years of hosting fees????

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    Heck the Chinese have been doing this for years!

    FWW is just late to the party

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    "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"

    Ancora imparo
    Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.

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