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Thread: Drill Press Table

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    Drill Press Table

    I built myself a new drill press table. The top and fence are from a piece of melamine I had laying around and I trimmed it up with some scrap pine. The vice cranks came off an old workmate type unit that I took apart a few years ago. I plan to eventually add some track for clamping and I'll most likely cut a circle in the middle for a sacrificial insert.
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    That looks very solid and should work just fine.
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    Nicely done!

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    Sure looks like it will get the job done. Very nice
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    Very cool i like the recycled workmate cranks. Thats putting them to good use.

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    The fence cranks are a great idea. You'll get a lot of use out of that table.
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    Those cranks are great!

    As others have said, I love the crank idea. Really really cool!

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    Awesome. Nice job recycling the crank hardware. Should make it easy to dial into some accurate cuts
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    A good drill press table is a wonderful thing. It increases WW enjoyment by making drilling easier. It also makes drilling more accurate and safer.

    You will Really enjoy it when you get some Tee track mounted. I mounted an extra pair of Tee tracks parallel to the original pair. The new tracks are closer to the drill. They really help with hold downs.

    The fence really pays off by allowing a series of holes to be Exactly the same distance from the edge. It is also a great help when doing overlapping Forstner bit holes.

    Way to go man!



    ps. listen to me, a relative beginner telling you how to use your tool.
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