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Thread: Woodworking tools arrived

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    Woodworking tools arrived

    Around the middle of July my woodworking tools arrived from California. In a previous post I described the tools. A DVR lathe, a Dewalt contractor Table saw, Grizzly benchtop jointer (Thanks Brent for the advice), a Dewalt planer, a Powermatic 14" bandsaw, and a Grizzly Drill Press. Also, a Grizzly Polar Bear 1.5 hp cyclone dust collector. Thanks Stu for the advice on tool selection, although because of budget considerations I could not always purchase what you suggested.

    My primary goal is to become proficient at woodturning so I really only thought I needed the lathe, bandsaw and drill press. Family woodworking is partly to blame for the rest. Reading the posts and looking at the beautiful work I thought it would be worthwhile to at least have the basic tools so I could try. (I am a lousy woodworker but I love beautiful wood.)

    The two months prior to the tools arriving I did nothing but worry. I have two class 4+ knees (knee replacements in October) and I can barely walk let alone lift. I was worried that the express driver would not drive down by the side of my house where the shop is. Secondly, if only I were there I could not help the driver unload and those puppies are heavy and need at least four people to move them easily.

    I also had another worry. The shop is only a basement shell, about 400 sq feet with no security. The garage door was only an open space. Fortunately, the carpenter who was renovating upstairs and who built our deck was able to arrange a shutter at a reasonable price so that problem was resolved about two weeks prior to the delivery.

    On the day of the delivery I was able to get three of my friends to go up to Mt. Fuji with me (about two hours from Tokyo). They plus the driver reduced my job to supervising. No one wanted me to lift because they were afraid I would drop something on their toes!

    Attached are some pictures.

    The first is my crew: left to right. Clyde, yours truly, Joe, and Alan.
    Looking into the shop. The "tools"

    The shop is no where complete. Only recently got the subflooring. Unfortunately, while swimming I developed severe vertigo and was laid up for almost 10 days. My mind is not old but my body sure feels old.

    I have never posted pictures before. Hope this turns out ok.

    Just poseted but the pictures are no where to be found. I will post them when I figure out how.
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    Oooooooh! can't wait to see the pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Murphy View Post

    Just poseted but the pictures are no where to be found. I will post them when I figure out how.
    Hello Kyle

    Here are some instructions that may help you post your pictures.
    Sometimes I even need to print things like this out & follow them step by step. Your not alone.
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    Congrats Kyle!

    Posting pics takes a little getting used to at first.

    Here's another link to a tutorial on the subject.

    Posting Pics on FWW
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