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Thread: Woodworking tools arrived part 2

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    Woodworking tools arrived part 2

    Hopefully, here are the pictures. Once I finally learn how to do this I will send more.

    The pictures are of my team who helped get the tools into the "shop." Clyde, me, Joe, and Alan. Second are some pictures of the tools in the shop.

    You can see some of the shop in the background. The two bookshelves are from Ikea. A restaurant was closing and I bought them for about $50 bucks each. As you can see in the pictures the "shop" has a long ways to go. First step is to put down the flooring. The wiring for the shop also has to be done. There is limited wiring, the wiring for lighting has been done by the previous owner. I think I need three lines of 20 amps each (correct me if I am wrong). One for the dc, one for the lathe and other tools and one for the lighting, refrig etc. Also, the windows (3) have to be put in with shutters. We will only be going there on weekends and while security is not a major concern I still want to be prudent.

    I really want to open up the boxes but I think it is easier to keep them in the original packing boxes until I have a proper home for each.

    Oh, the step stand in front is from Stu. It will be put to use as a chair.
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    Boy Kyle it looks like the fun is about to began
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    That will be a nice setup Kyle, looking forward to seeing it up and running be careful those knees till the doc gives you the OK after the replacements are done

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    looks like your gonna be busy kyle,, after you get the boxes open.. good crew there as well
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    Looks like you got plenty to keep you busy for a while! Congrats on the new shop.

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    Now this should be interesting! Never seen a 'shop in box' go in before.

    You've got everything you need all new at once!

    Quite the crew you have there. Can't wait to see this come together!

    Good job on the pics too, they worked out nicely.
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    Looks like someone is going to be like a kid in a candy store getting those babies up and running!

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    Looks like lots of fun.

    I kinda wondered if it wouldn't be a good idea to open the boxes & check for anything that may be broken?
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    Yes, I will probably do that. Will be nice to do this weekend. Also, it was Jeb who recommended the Grizzly benchtop jointer. Thank you. Heaven forbid that there is any damage. The logistics of that is difficult to image.

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    Looks like a great start, Kyle. You've got a nice assortment of fine tools to play with.
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