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Thread: Walnut Blanket Chest

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    Walnut Blanket Chest

    This is a present for my wife's grandmother. She has made a lot of quilts over the years, so I thought she'd like something to put them in. It's inspired by Bryan Cowing's walkthrough:

    I made it more or less the same. Used mitered corners with the jointer, and biscuits instead of miter lock though. It's the best corner joints I've had yet, just never used a jointer to clean up miters before. I'm not happy with my breadboard joints, but I think it will work fine. There's room for improvement tightening up some of the gaps.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love the wood on the top, hope I find some more boards like that in my pile of walnut. I've planed about half my stock so far, this was the only one I found.

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    That is awesome Jeb Your wifes grandma is for sure to love and treasure it I don;t know about that top wood, kind of wavy THAT is some NICE stuff

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    Nice piece Jeb! Yeah that top really has some nice curl to it.
    What did you use for a finish? It really shows off the grain.

    Breadboard ends can be a son of a gun, especially getting offset for the pegs to hold the ends tight. I had about a 32nd separation on the kitchen island I built on the sides, the middle of course was glued so it didnt move.

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    well done jeb and that top wood is SWEET you dont find curly walnut least not in my parts.. and i have been fortunate to have cut a little..and not found but one or two if you have ore cherish it and use for the next specail person.. nice work jeb!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeb Taylor View Post
    I love the wood on the top...
    So do I! Really nice and the way it catches the light is awesome.
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    Bee-u-tee-ful. Love the chatoyancy of that wood. Mitered corners on the jointer . . . hmmmmm; I'll have to file that one away to try sometime.
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    BLO, three coats wipe on poly, and hand buffed. One of these days I'm going to experiment with more finishes, but I have this backlog of projects my wife keeps coming up with...

    I'm not completely sure where I went wrong on the ends, they have about 1/32" gap too. I'll pay a lot more attention to them next time for sure, and possibly bow the inside a little to pull the ends in tighter. I read an article by Christian Becksvoort on Fine Woodworking doing that.

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    Fantastic job Jeb. I agree with the others, can't argue with the success of your finishing schedule.
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    Great job Jeb. Beautiful wood and fantastic finish.
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    The top is beautiful. The rest of the chest is pretty darn good as well
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