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Thread: Just a little band saw

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    Just a little band saw

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    Too bad its 3phase.... you could do some extreme resawing and log cutting on that baby!

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    Probably cost more than the saw just to move it. Then there's the expense of building a shop it'll fit in.

    And it would all be SO worth it.
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    I was thinking this is a sad sight. I bet that guy does not really want to part with that baby. Were i wealthier i would offer to buy and leave in place and rent or lease it to him till his business bounces back.(: Imagine all the effort he went to just to get it to his shop. This is one of us, he cares for his machines.

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    That the same size as mine. And you really need that saw Brent Out where you live you have the whole out doors for a shop. Just set it up by the new shed and toss a tarp over it when not in use.
    Un like mine that eats up floor space in my shop.
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    I want it. If I could, I would.
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