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Thread: Few pic's from yesterday

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    Few pic's from yesterday

    Jarrod and I went to pic up a mirror that had fell off the wall. While walking in Jarrod captured this little Blue racier then in the house looking out over the river he look up and there was this Bald Eagle sitting on a limb but by the time he got the camera ready he flew off down to do a little fishing.
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    Here we call them salamanders. Actually before looking at the pictures, thought he had grabbed a snake. I used to have Newts, Flame Bellied newts and chameleons. When Fina was born, got rid of them due to not wanting the diseases with reptiles around newborn and infant. For some reason my wife was thrilled with that decision!

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    my son used to collect those little orange salamanders, when he was like 4 or 5, and fill his pockets up with them, and when he undressed at night, my wife came close to a few heart attacks when going to wash his clothes, because anything larger than an ant to her is the same as a large snake or alligator.

    thats when I taught him about jars and poking holes in the top.

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    Nothing more exciting than seeing an eagle in the wild.
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    We officially didn't see a bald eagle the other day. Last time someone here saw a bald eagle and reported it they declared it a protected area and stopped anyone from using the lake. The bald we didn't see sure was beautiful.
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