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Thread: Senco Fusion Nail Gun

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    Senco Fusion Nail Gun

    On Saturday 08/13/11, I practiced with my new Senco Fusion 18 ga. Nail Gun (FN55AX) for the first time.
    Ive never used a nail gun before, but I found the Senco extremely easy to use.
    This is a cordless gun with a permanently-sealed nitrogen gas cylinder. The battery is an 18 volt Li-ion which charges 80% in 15 Minutes and 100% in 45 Minutes. The gun has a solid feel and is very well balanced.
    The selector switch has 3 options Off, Contact-Actuation (Bump Fire), or Sequential (Trigger Pull).
    There is a mechanical Depth Adjustment dial with a guide.
    I attached a scrap piece of 3/4 plywood to a 24 scrap in Sequential mode. The nails went through the plywood with no trouble. The gun recycles in about 3 seconds after firing.
    Then I attached a piece of molding to a scrap piece of 3/4 fir by bump-firing 3 nails. No problem!
    Id been looking at nail guns for a while, but I didnt want to buy a compressor.
    Paslode has cordless guns, but the gas cylinder needs to be replaced. Ive also seen comments about the odor of the gas used.
    The Senco gun comes with 1 battery and a charger in a large tool bag. The bag is zipper and has plenty of pockets and compartments both inside and out. There is a velcro strap inside to secure the gun and a moveable pad to cushion it.
    First Impression This is a quality tool that will work for years.

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    Looks like a pretty innovative gun, a lot of nice features from some of the youtube videos I've seen. It's pretty cool that you don't don't have to replace the gas cartridges on it. Good to hear from someone first hand...Thanks.

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    Senco made super quality stuff before they were sold. Good to see a good tool with their name on it again.
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    Great idea. Thanks for the review.
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