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Thread: My jeans fly ;-) UPDATED!!

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    My jeans fly ;-) UPDATED!!

    Hi guys.

    Just arrived back from my holydays where I have spent most of my time carving, and when I say most of my time I mean between 8 and 10 hours a day.

    Honestly, they felt like minutes, and here is the result. It is not finished yet as I have to start working on the fine details that will give it the final punch but I thinks that it starts to give the right impression.

    Carved from three pieces of basswood glued toghether, that were cut from the same board.

    Pictures shown in cronological order except the last ones wich exemplify what I could see from the shop door ( my father in-law garage).

    Comments, critics and suggestions welcome as always!

    Thanks for looking.
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    fly17.jpg   fly20.jpg   fly23.jpg   bens.jpg   bens2.jpg  

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    My jeans fly ;-)

    Let me be the first to say welcome back Toni. Hope you had a good time. What a novel idea for a carving. Sure looks good.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Welcome back Toni!

    Looks like it's shaping up to be another winner of a project.

    I'm guessing your temporary shop was a fairly peaceful place to while away the hours... I'm envious.
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    WELCOME HOME BUD Love the carving, so full of detail even if you say much more to come What a great view your in-laws have

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    Welcome hoe! Superior work - as usual.
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    Welcome back Toni and nice job
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    Looks like Khakis right now. I am sure you will paint them blue later.

    Welcome back Toni.
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    welcome toni, and it looks like to me you got a gallery waiting for this one your turning into a celebrated artist i think
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    Welcome back Toni. That's the kind of vacation I could stand.
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    Welcome back Toni!

    Love the carving, it's quite inspirational. I'm with Larry, you're going to have to start getting some pieces put in to some galleries.

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