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Thread: Homemade Chatter Tool

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    Homemade Chatter Tool

    My first attempt at making a chatter tool. I somewhat followed the instructions HERE.

    I used a 3/4"x6-1/2" hex bolt for the body and mahagony for the handle. The blade is a ground down jigsaw blade. Once the hex head was cut off and the threads ground off with an angle grinder, the bolt was drilled then chucked in a Beall chuck and turned with the angle grinder being used as a cutter. What a mess. 'Glad I put newspaper on the lathe and bench. It made the cleanup easier. (Yes, I used the Jet Mini). After that, it was simple enough to drill a 9/16" hole in the wood, turn the handle, insert and tap the tool head and add the copper fitting ferrule. Since the tool is for me I left many of the scratches on the bolt. Just wanted to get it done!

    I realized that besides using this for chatter work, I can make cutting inserts from "D" size drill rod.... beading, parting, that sort of stuff. I'm also looking into grinding down some gears I found at my local surplus place and putting together something like the Sorby texturing/spiraling tool. Maybe next weekend
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    Joe that is fantastic, GREAT job!!
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