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    Arcade Stuff

    For anyone looking to repair or build arcade games, I came across the following site for parts and such.

    This is actually a pretty cool circuit board. It lets you wire switches to the connections on the board. When the switch is closed, it signals to a computer as a particular key being pressed on a keyboard, depending what corresponding location the switch was wired to (A-Z). Could come in handy for you guys that run CNC machines also.

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    Interesting piece of kit. I didn't know such a switch existed. Back before PCs were around everywhere, I used to do some playing around with solid state switching circuits (generally audio stuff). I need to learn more about interfacing stuff like that with a computer, as well as learn how to program the computer to do useful tricks.
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    Just think of the custom keyboard you could make with that....

    Maybe a keyboard for giants!
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    Groovy site Darren, thanks. Seems like a very fair price for that module. I will save this for another time. Been out of the electronics for long enough that its time to give it a go as a hobby again.

    I am thinking this would also make a great alarm input panel or home automation unit. Oh the mind boggles.

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