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Thread: from the same tree

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    from the same tree

    Not the best pics as i didn't take the time to set up more lights, so these will have to do. As the title says these are all from that maple tree that i got all them nice burls. The hollow form wasn't real figured so i decided to dye it this red color hoping to help it out. the bowl is just danish oil with lacquar. nothin real good, as i wanted a hollow form out of this piece, but the one i tried mins before blew up on me when it was all most finished. So i chickened out and did this simple bowl instead. The little green box had been sitting around for a while and i didn't know what to do with it. So i dyed it blueish green and put a top on it with this funkie little finial on it. Don't really like how the pic shows the finial, but in real time everyone that has seen it really likes it, so not sure i'll change it or not. thanks and as always all C&C more than welcome.
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    What a good looking trio. Beautiful form and the finials are great too.

    I am not so excited by the colors but that is just me.
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    I like them all too. The green one with the "hairy" top reminds me of a Samurai's armor or maybe helmet anyway. Really fine work on the finials.

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    I think they turned out well............I dye mine to when im not happy with the look of the wood.........
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    All three are beauties but do like the first one.
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    Red One: Form and flow are spot on to my eyes. I like the color, too. The finial is superb. I'm still amazed how much your finials have improved over the last year or so. Beautiful piece.

    Green One: Another great piece. I might have tweaked the curve where the lid meets the box a little differently, but what you did flows nicely in my opinion. I also think the finial is a great topping to the whole Oriental look this piece has going on. The color works for me.

    Natural One: And yet another fine bit of work. You did a good job on the steep-walled ogee form, and the wood looks spectacular.

    So all in all, yep, those'll do.
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    I'm with Vaughn on the shape, flow and color of number one.

    I am with the "funkie little finial" lovers. That top is perfect for that bowl shape and color.

    I like the shape of number three. However, the wood itself is too busy for me to want to live with it for an extended time. It is kinda like red bathroom fixtures or black kitchen appliances. They look great for awhile, but not for the long run.

    Thanks for showing. When I can do that well I am going to be one cocky son of a gun with a swelled head.

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA
    Thanks all for the nice comments. As i'm like most can see what could be better in everything i do, so coming here and getting your feed back helps a lot. Don't know why i really enjoy making the finials, but for some reason i seem to think they always need to have one.

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    well done steve and even my oldest daughter was looking over my shoulder and liked them, that green one strikes me the most because of color and shape combo.. the final on the first one as vaughn said is top notch.
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    Stephen i think they all are cool. My preffered choice would be the green one.

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