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Thread: Wife likes blue

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    Wife likes blue

    So i did this little gum burl blue. It's about 5 1/2x 4 3/8. I tried real hard to get a decent pic but no matter how hard i tried they just didn't want to cooperate. I took over 40 pics and these are the best i could get.Set up the tent and tried that , didn't like them, so went out side and took these. owell they will have to do. Thanks as always all C&C welcome.
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    I didn't like the color of the previous two bowls that you made but I love this one. This is just gorgeous.
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    Hey Stephen....that one is all broken up at the top. Too bad too because it is a VERY cool looking piece.
    Wow... Seriously...a very fine looking piece.
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    Well Steve, if you didn't make it so danged shiny, it'd be a whole lot easier to photograph. In the end, I think the photos you got show off this beautiful piece nicely. Great job.
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    Very beautiful piece. Great dyeing job. Your wife has good taste.
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    That is a beauty. I do like that color blue.
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    I'am sure that Glenn turns over in his sleep thinking about my computer skills. This is the second time I am responding. The first one vanished. Guess my old fingers hit a wrong key.

    Anyway, what I said was that I don't see why you are unhappy with your photography. You really show the bowls well. The shape and the depth are excellent. I don't think you could do better without going to 3-D photography. You don't have any areas that "dark" out or "glare" out. You have good color balance with the background and the object. Don't beat on yourself.

    There have been times when my head felt like that pot. Not the blue part; but the top blowing part.

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    another winner steve,, and the ripples in the wood still show threw your color which is what makes a dye job stand out.. well done
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    Great job. I showed that to my wife and she thought it was a glass vase. Love the color.

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    Stephen I fully agree with Mohammad. This one rocks. Tends to look like clouds and earth taken from space. A work of art to me.

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