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Thread: Things you couldn't do if you TRIED...

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    Smile Things you couldn't do if you TRIED...

    This is unbelievable. Yesterday I spent twelve hours going through the garage and throwing out old scrap wood and things I didn't need anymore. I was loading up my cargo trailer for a trip to the dump today. About 7:00 last night I was exhausted but remembered that I had the old stake sides for my utility trailer sitting out back. I made new ones last year so I figured since I was going to the dump that I'd cut them up and throw them on the pile. On one of the sides there was a screw eye that I used to attach a bungee cord to. I laid the piece on the ground on top of some other boards and was going to cut it in half. I saw the eye and it was slightly off center on the piece but it was underneath. I consciously thought about not hitting the eye with my saw as I cut. I buzzed it in two and threw the pieces on the pile not thinking again about the eye. First thing this morning I headed out to the dump before it got too hot. I had eight yards of trash to get rid of and I unloaded all of it and headed home. I got home and was vacuuming out the trailer when I noticed what looked like a screw eye laying on the floor. I picked it up and sure enough, I hit that sucker! It must have fallen out of the piece after I threw it into the trailer.

    Now there are TWO amazing coincidences here. The first one is that if I had been cutting that piece from that side and TRIED to even hit that thing, the odds were pretty slim. But I cut that sucker exactly in half! The other thing is that it fell out and I found it after throwing out eight yards of junk and that it was laying there for me to find when I got home.

    Kind of a strange thing if you ask me.

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    yup couldnt do that again if you tried

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    That's defiantly a Ripley's Believe it or not moment
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    It must be beautiful. They say, "Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder."

    Actually, I guess it is only half beautiful.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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