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Thread: wood shop update part 3

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    wood shop update part 3

    Well, after spending most of the summer visiting doctors (vertigo and preparing for my upcoming knee replacement) my friend, Clyde, and I went up to Mt. Fuji Wednesday night in typhoon #3 rains to put in the first half of the flooring for my woodshop. It took us two days to put the flooring in and another day to unpack the tools. I am sure that others could do this in one day but we simply did not have the experience or skills.

    We followed the Fine Woodworking article on installing a floor. We put the plastic on the concrete instead of the stereoform and we did not nail into the concrete. It is free floating. We tried to shim up the low spots and did fairly well except for two spots, one I can correct and the other is there to remind me to shim more aggressively.

    Pictures below tell the story. We built the frame before putting in the plastic. The room in 23 ft long and 9 ft wide. The wood frame is made of 30mm by 40mm by 4m long. The stereoform is 40mm thick. The first frame is 2.6m by 4m (9' by 13') The second frame is cut smaller and laid out slightly differently. (tried to improve it). Then we cut the stereoform to spec by using a very hot box cutter. Built a jig for the process. It went fairly well. One picture shows how we used the bits and pieces.

    I learned an important lesson. Do not store subflooring on the edge. I stood it that way because it was only going to be two days before we installed. That was in the beginning of July. Had 12 sheets and three were badly warped. Trying to install tongue and grove subflooring in the evening when you are tired and the damn wood is warped is almost impossible. Those three pieces lay along the side of the floor where the marriage of tongue and grove is not neccessary. It was fun cutting the tongues off!

    Once over that hurdle we moved fairly quickly. Built another jig for the circular saw and let Clyde cut the tongues off. He had never used a circular saw before (I told you we aren't very experienced) and fortunately he did not cut his tongue or anything else off.

    The third day we started to unpack the dust collector, table saw, drill press, bandsaw, planer and jointer. My wife told me I must have looked like a little boy at Christmas. (Actually, I never had a Christmas that good.) We did not set them up but wanted to get them out of the boxes which had taken a good soaking because the typhoon had blown water through the partially closed in windows.

    We set them in the middle of the flooring because we want to have space for the electricians and our future efforts to put in walls. The second half of the flooring will have to wait until after my surgery.

    We also enclosed the windows with stereoform. Will afford some protection until I get the windows in.

    The tables and the storage area for the tools are all Ikea. I bought them dirt cheap out of the old Tokyo American Club after they closed down the old one. Works pretty well. I only wanted the wooden tops but they served great as work benches.

    I think it may be a year before I get to turn a bowl. Got to put up the walls, do the rest of the flooring. Build carriage doors. Build workbenches, tables for the tools etc. etc. Goodness gracious what have I gotten myself into?
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    Looking good Kyle!

    I'm glad to hear that you two took it easy, at least it is not has hot as it has been, but still I bet you were sweating.

    Is there a space between the wall and the floor on the one side?

    Glad that plastic got used, I bought WAY too much of it and had no use for it, it is good stuff, but slippery to walk on.

    Keep the updates coming!
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    Yes, we left about 1/4 inch on the sleepers and slightly more on the subflooring.

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    exciting stuff. Floor looks nice.
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    That floor should make things significantly more comfortable to work on
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    Kyle, it looks like your moving forward just fine. Keep the updates coming. It always fun to watch a shop come together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Murphy View Post
    Goodness gracious what have I gotten myself into?
    a never ending project. If you live another 138 years, the 139th year would have seen the shop finally completed.

    The first step is always the hardest. Youre on your way sir!

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    How big is the room your shop is going to be in?
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    Man, thats a lot of work but it will be worth it. Must of been real exciting to rip into those tool boxes
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    Thanks for the comments.

    Bart, the shop has two parts. The inner room, which we floored, is 207 sq. ft and as you can see is basically rectangular. The outer room, which has two windows (not yet filled with glass) and a garage door (which I had a shutter put on) is about 172 sq. ft and is an (had to look this up-- high school geometry is long ago.)

    I plan to initially floor everything except the area around the garage door entrance. Behind the shutter I want to build (or have built) carriage doors with a judas door in one. All of this depends on $$$$. Recently, like many I have to be careful about my cash flow.

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