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Thread: New Pens

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    New Pens

    I forget to post here every once in a while but probably most have seen these elsewhere. Both Pens are with my typical CA finish.

    This is a 'Stretched' Black Titanium Atlas. This modification uses a longer tube and a Unibal 207 refill. This mod came about because the wife liked the Atlas/Cabara style of pens but they were too short.

    Is she satisfied ... no, she has a new modification for me to attempt the next time.

    The piece of timber is Buckeye Burl that I stabilized in my poor-mans pickle jar system twice.

    The first time I tried using a mixture of 50-50 white glue and water. A BIG mistake on my part with the BEB.

    This never setup solid and chunks of the BEB would literally fall off. I then baked the snot out of it and then used some other stuff and this is the result.

    Next is a Wallstreet II Elegant in Black Titanium and Gold and the piece of timber is Spalted Autograph from Hawaii.

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    I liked both pens but second one was my favorite.
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    you done a fine job of baking there and i like the wood in both but he pen style in the second one fits my hand better well done..
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    That's some pretty burl you got there!
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    Great pens, Ron. The fit and finish is perfect. Buckeye is one of my favorites and that is some beautiful buckeye you turned. It really has lots of "characters". I'd like to see a picture of the other side of that pen.
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    They look great over here too Ron.
    Well done.

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    Ron, I really like the Wallstreet II. Great looking pens...both of them.
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    That wood is amazing
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    I like'em both. The wood is beautiful.
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    Hi! Ron like both pens but like Mohammad the second one is my favorite
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