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Thread: Sometimes it just aint your day

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    Sometimes it just aint your day

    Sometimes you just got to shut everything down, turn off the lights, and go watch TV.

    Our company left and I was sitting on the couch watching the boob tube with LOML and we were both just about to doze off. Not tired, just bored. I said, "I can't do this, I have too much I need to accomplish." With that I got up and went out into the shop. I found a nicely figured board to use as the bottom rail of mu cabinet, but it had a slight twist to it. So, I cross cut it to rough size and then, to minimize loss on the jointer, I ripped it. Got it nice and flat and planed it to final dimension....except.. I ripped it an inch too narrow!

    Found another board, went through all the steps and went to do the final rip and... misread the scale and ripped 1/4" too narrow! OK, this was getting old. Found a third board in the pile and went through all the steps again and....perfection!

    So, riding the wave of success I thought that I might as well do the top rail. I carefully marked my bottom rail so I would know what that piece of wood was for and picked up one of my earlier mistakes to rip the top rail which is narrower. Opps, the fence needs to be reset, so I put the board down, carefully set the fence, double checking my dimensions, picked up the board, rip it, take it over the the jointer to clean up the edge, measure the finished product and....perfection again!

    Then I reach for the bottom rail, now, where did I put that. It was right here a second ago.... I didn't have to look far because I was holding half of it in my hand. I had picked up the wrong board to rip the top rail after resetting the fence.

    I quietly put the board down, stepped away from the saw, turned out the lights, and went back in to watch TV. Sometimes you just gotta call it a day.
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    I'm going use that as a life lesson (And an excuse for my lazy behavior today)....
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    Sorry Rennie but that's just plane funny.
    I would say mostly because we have all done it at least a 100 times
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    ouch. I hate days like that.....
    sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield.
    Today just wasnt your day......

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    Hey, it was just some wood, who cares, it grows on trees you know

    I'm just glad you walked out with some smaller boards, not a shorter thumb or something.

    I'm sure the sofa was comfortable!
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    Ripped that board three times and it's still too narrow.

    Fortunately, that hasn't happened to me. Today.
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    First of all, I didn't know you were related to me Rennie.

    Second, I really second Stuart.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Oops - been there, done that.

    Next time, maybe you and LOYL can find something to do together when you get bored!
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    I had a day like that a few weeks ago. You're right. Just have to turn off the lights and get out of the shop.
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    Sorry Rennie but I just can not figure out how you did that I know that has NEVER happened to me..................OK it has................many times Right thing to do is as you did and shut down for the day.

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