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Thread: Double sided tape?

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    Double sided tape?

    OK Scrollers...
    Where can I buy double sided tape? I just checked at the Borg and Michael's hobby/craft shop (where I did find it for $8 a roll!)... I haven't scrolled in a long time, but man I thought it was available at HD or Lowes for about $5 or so... I'm 'good' for now, but would like to find a cheaper source so I can do some stack cutting without losing my shirt.

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    Ned, I found mine with the tape in the paint dept. at Walmart. I use mine for holding wood onto my pendant chuck. I'm thinking it was the duct tape brand. If you need thinner tape then I would think that carpet tape would work well. When I did scroll work I used spray adhesive.
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    Got a HF near you. I just bought 4 rolls at .99 each.

    Try Staples. Might be a little bit less expensive than Michaels.

    Home depot didn't have any carpet tape ?
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    I also use 3M spray adhesive. In the double stick tape department, carpet tape is OK if you do not require precision. Tape with that thick gooey backing is great for roughing out shapes and so forth. If I need tape that will keep pieces tightly aligned, use turner's tape. Many places sell carpet tape at turner's tape prices, don't pay it.

    Good, thin, strong tape runs about $10 for 1" x 75'. Unfortunately I have gotten good and bad (that I returned) from Rockler, Woodcraft and Lee Valley. Seems they all stock what I consider to be the "wrong stuff" now and again. Skill can compensate for the lack of strength or stability but, I am still more trusting of an iron grip
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    i used plain old scotch brand double sided tape, when i needed something to hold the templates for routing the details on the leaves, and aprons of my table.
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    I agree with Glenn. Carpet tape is OK for crude work but not for fine work.
    Carpet tape is thick and gooey. It allows slight movement.

    For precision work, the turner's tape is much better. It is easier to work with. It comes off much cleaner than carpet tape.

    Let's face it, carpet tape is meant to stay there through thick and thin, child and dog. Turner's tape is meant to be removed at some point in time.

    Turner's tape is very much thinner than carpet tape so the wood pieces are closer together.

    That is my 2 cents worth.


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    Golf Store - They use it to put grips on.

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