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Thread: new fires by the house

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    new fires by the house

    Just went out to the shop and saw this funky brown cloud. Checked the news and a new fire is burning about 10 miles from the house. This is facing to the northwest and the winds are blowing towards the southeast. It's nice to finally have the cool temps but we could have used tropical storm lee. Instead it gave us drier and windier conditions just right for fires!
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    To answer your question Larry last rain I remember we had during the last fire north of my house that helped the fire dept. get it under control and I think that was the end of June.

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    Alan not good to see this is the area around your home filled with brush or are you in the clear if that comes your way?

    If it is get a fire break going to clear a zone. You never know how quick these things get round to you.

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    Is it unusual to go that long without rain in your part of Texas???
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    I've lived here since 98 and don't remember it ever being this dry. As far as a fire break Rob I would have to start cutting down neighbors trees. We are in a rural part and there are lots of dead oak and pine trees cause of the drought. Right now I'm keeping an eye on it.

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    Hey this could be just the excuse you need to get some free wood. Trying to look on the brighter side of life.

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    More evacuation orders issued and magnolia isd schools are closed tomorrow.

    Has anyone heard from Sam or Edward with the fire raging out towards Smithville?

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    alan, if long term evacuations are needed god forbid, theres room for you here. the offer is open, no snakes, no lizards.
    If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me.)

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    Keep your eyes and ears open, Alan. You all are getting hammered down there with the fires. Get your evac stuff lined out ahead of's a lot easier to do in advance than it is after the authorities come through the neighborhood on the loudspeakers. (Spoken with experience...we were evacuated three times in less than a week a couple of years ago for the Station Fire.)

    I've not heard anything from any of the Texas Irregulars (Sam, Edward, Shaz). Maybe Larry has a way to contact them? Who else do we have in any of the hotspots in the state?
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    That has to be tough. Weather patterns this year have been real odd.
    Good luck. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    Went out this morning to see whats going on since news coverage and updates are very poor to put it kindly! Made it to a friends mothers property and decided to go back and get the truck to get her farm equipment and some clothes and just that quick a road we taken earlier had been closed! Was able to get back there another way with a police escort. Then had fire trucks going thru a subdivision around the corner from the house looking for fire. We went to investigate ourselves and the road closures keep moving closer to the house. If the wind direction doesn't change we should be alright but we are gathering some things just in case.

    You know with today's technology you would figure they could post an accurate map with where the fire is at and road closures.

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