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Thread: Had a visit from the police this morning

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    Had a visit from the police this morning

    Its labor day in Canada today and a friend of mine phoned asked if i would joint some lumber for him, he is gluing together some pressure treated wood to be able to cut large arches for an arbor he is making at home.

    Well we get started at 11:30 and around 40 min later as he is leaving i have a police officer walking down into my yard.

    Turns out the NN called the police about the noise.

    Well policeman wanted to see my shop. Apparently i am running a business and recieving large amounts of lumber and and and.

    Well policeman hears me out acknowleges i have a nice shop and that he has the same tools. He heres the whole story and says well he is gonna have to go over and hear their story then he will be back.

    Time goes by and he comes back and says i am within my rights and can carry on.

    Luckily he arrived because my friend had already packed all the finished jointed lumber in his car and had we not gone back into the shop, we would not have discovered that we had one piece leaning up against the wall that was not jointed.

    So with the policeman having left i proceeded to joint it but with the door and windows open.

    Reason being the NN said they fear for their safety from a dust explosion coming from my uninstalled dust collector. So i decided best not let the dust build up in the shop given they dont have the ability to understand things would be much better if the dust collector was actually hooked up.

    Problem is when you have a hard time explaining to a policeman that has a small dust collector himself that the real hazard is the fine dust not the chips and that my Oneida dust gorilla is hardly and industrial unit well then i guess the best is to keep the windows and doors open.

    I keep saying someday this too shall pass.

    Many of you live in the middle of i understand fully why you chose to do this.

    Hey Brent you wanna share some of that dessert.

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    Oh boy.

    How many times does that crackpot have to call the cops before they get put on the 'crazy crackpot' list?
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    You must be a saint Rob. I don't know how you stand that idiot.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    Isn't this now after the previous warnings to your NN considered harassment???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Oh boy.

    How many times does that crackpot have to call the cops before they get put on the 'crazy crackpot' list?
    I'm afraid it can be limitless. Back in college the NN had the cops by our band practice pad a couple times a week for three years. Worked out in our favor as we knew so many of the officers it kept us out of a few fixes we probably should have been in
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    Yeah this is them trying to get payback for the charge of harrasment i have against them.

    All you need to look up to understand the campaign is Hanoi Hanna or Tokyo Rose.

    The aim is constant psychological bombardment.

    One has to hold ones ground and not let them think they are getting anywhere. I am getting more and more thick skinned to it as time goes by.

    We simply act like they aint even there not giving them the satisfaction.

    Man upstairs saw to thier punishment last night. He blew one of their concrete lanterns over. I think that was just a warning.

    He still has tornadoes in his arsenal then they will be in trouble.

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    You have far more patience than I do, Rob. I suspect I'd be filing harassment complaints against the NN at every possible chance. When he realizes he's spending more time defending himself than bothering you, he might see fit to chance his ways (or better yet, move).
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    For the next 30 days you are to get up at 5 am and leave the house for work. Don't forget to blow the horn good buy to the wife.
    That was my NN punishment every time they called the cops on me
    For a spell there was a strict rule that one could not leave my driveway with out burning rubber. An easy rule for the early 20s kids building race cars in my shop to follow.
    Shoot they had friends that would stop by just to do a burn out
    It could be worse You could be on fire.
    Stupid hurts.

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    You had a good chat with the officer Rob and that will be noted. Let him keep it up the officers will see the pattern develope and they might warn him themselves, if he keeps this up they might press the charges themselves. I have had a neighbor like that years ago and that is how I delt with it. Ticks them off when the officers come over and chat about how nice your shop is and leave with a hand shake.

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