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Thread: More good thoughts and prayers please.

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    More good thoughts and prayers please.

    Dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today. When you live in a small town and 3 people die within a day of each other it is a problem for the 1 mortuary. His calling is Friday afternoon and funeral is Saturday.

    Dad was 91, a WWII vet serving in the Army in the south Pacific, one of my best friends, and a devout Christian. I never heard him complain about being sick. He just said "I never thought it would end this way." His death has hurt my wife as much as that of her parents. He was that kind of guy.

    I'm doing OK, but Mom, my wife and my son are taking it pretty hard. Prayers and good thoughts for my family will be appreciated.
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    Ron, that's a hard thing to deal with.

    Your dad sounds like a great guy.

    My sincerest sympathies go out to you and your family...
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    condolences from this end.
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    I'm really sorry to hear this news Ron, be happy that you got to spend so much time with your dad, that is one regret that I have in living in Japan, I'm so far from my parents, one reason I am so determined to send my daughters to Canada so they at least get to spend time with my parents.

    I remember when my father's father died, I was young, and had lost "Grampa" but for my dad it was much harder as he had lost his father. I know that I too one day will have to go through this, it will be hard, but it is the way of the world.

    Thoughts and prayers sent your way.

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    You have all of my positive thoughts and prayers. I hope they help. However, there is nothing a person can say, feel or wish, that can replace a wonderful parent.

    Enjoy the memories and all of the good traits that he passed on to you.

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    I'm very sorry to see this news, and wish you and the rest of your family comfort and wonderful remembrances.
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    I'm sorry for your loss.

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    I'm very sorry for your loss Ron

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    It sounds like he was a great person and that you will have wonderful memories. So sorry for your loss.
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    Ron, as others have said so well, thoughts and prayers from here. Sounds as if your dad was one heck of a good guy. That is the type that leaves a big hole. None of us get out of this alive, but that is no condolence at this time. I am sorry, you are in for a set of long days and sleepless nights. Know in your heart he is out of pain and in a better place.

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