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Thread: Swimming Pools and Garage Shops

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    Swimming Pools and Garage Shops

    Just a curious question.

    Homes with swimming pools will either attract or not attract potential buyers. You either want one, or you don't.

    I'm curious if shop oriented garages pose the same issue. I talked with Brent and he said they could just rip out all of the shelves he has built (that would be a shame).

    Personally, I'd like pre-made storage, but some folks may actually want to park their fancy cars in a garage and couldn't do so in a 2-car garage that has been reduced to a 1-car garage due to all the fancy shelves.

    Not that I ever plan to move...but just was wondering if anyone has run into that as an issue when selling or buying a house?

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    I can only speak for myself, but when we bought our current house, all the built-in cabinets and drawers in the garage were a selling point to me, and that was before I'd really entertained the idea of setting up a woodshop. I already had a fair amount of homeowner and yard tools, and the built-in storage was a plus.

    At the house I sold before moving to this one, I had built 3' deep shelves along one side wall of a one-car garage, essentially making it useless for parking an actual car. The couple that bought it from me loved the shelves, and they became storage in her husband's new bluegrass band rehearsal studio.

    I'm kind of in Brent's camp, though. If I saw a garage with shelves or cabinets that I didn't want, I wouldn't let that be a stopping point in purchasing the place. That kind of stuff can be removed in a weekend or less. A swimming pool...not so much.
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    When I sold my Santa Ana house in 1994, the buyer wanted all the shelving and cabinetry removed, as a condition of sale.

    When I sold the Tustin house in 2004, the buyer was ecstatic about all the "wonderful storage" that was available in the garage.

    It's just gonna depend on the buyer.
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    above ground pools, I dont see a reason they cant be brought down pretty quick by a seller if the new owner doesnt want to maintain it.
    inground pool, different story around here, taxes, maintainence, safety, might be an issue for someone who cant afford it or will not maintain it.
    Garage shelves? This is something that can be ripped out in a couple of hours so again, I dont see a real problem.

    A friend of mine purchased a house with a two car garage, and the garage was stuffed along the walls with old kitchen cabinets and old furniture as storage.
    He requested the garage be empty like the house when he took ownership.
    It didnt stop either side.
    The home my son purchased over a year ago also had a mishmosh of old plywood shelving put up, no metal standards, just homemade 2x4 brackets and plywood, all over the garage, and as they get in the way of us hanging new shelving, we rip it down.
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    I can see a in ground pool being a bigger problem than shelves. Other than that, anything else is an easy fix.
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    i would say the poll is more of hinderance than the shelfing sharon,, and additional buildings if properly built are a added value to some but not all..
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    As a Real Estate Appraiser I can give some input on my experience.

    The pool is a negative for most buyers, but just as you said some would love the pool. Others that never go outside see it as a big expense and a lot of upkeep.
    EDIT I meant to also say that in a few areas or neighborhoods pools are expected or at least the norm. But this is not typically the exception to the rule. Location, location, location applies.

    As for the garage that is probably going to be same way. Around here most people use garage as storage for 'stuff' and not for their cars. The guys would tend to love the shop and wife would want the car in there.

    Up north with snow I would imagine a garage is a bigger deal than other areas. I would think out west with all the sun and heat a garage would be a bigger deal to protect the car.

    But the bottom is each buyer is different and one will love it and one will hate it. The real question is what do the majority prefer? Something like that can have no effect on the value of the house, but it can really limit the number of buyers and make the house harder to sell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    i would say the poll is more of hinderance than the shelfing sharon,, and additional buildings if properly built are a added value to some but not all..
    is that commentary on my shed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    is that commentary on my shed?
    no sir i was just stating that if a structure was put up hap hazardly then it wouldnt be a good thing and can detract from the sale or sellers from looking at it,, but if the structure is properly built it can be a good thing for sales...
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    It's all "YMMV" and "IMHO"....

    13 years ago when we bought our house, we had one 18 month old child, and a pool was a negative.

    Now, if we were shopping, with 4 active kids at home, a pool would be a positive.

    Then there is basements... Everyone is so proud of their finished basements. Realtors were showing them off when taking us around. Personally, I want an UNfinished basement. Since the car goes in the garage, the shop goes in the basement...

    Let alone all the BADLY finished basements we saw when shopping for our first house back in '94. The neighbourhood was mostly 50 yr old houses with basements finished in the 70s, the days of panelling and so on. Back then I saw tons of work, as most of those basements were due to be ripped out and RE-done.

    So I think it comes back around to IMHO and YMMV. Someone likes X and someone else likes Y. The trick, when selling, is to find the right buyer!
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