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Thread: Miter Saw sawdust

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    Miter Saw sawdust

    Hi guys. I haven't been on this for some time but I still do some woodwork. I do have a question.

    I have had a miter saw for some time but it doesn't put the sawdust in the cloth bag. I have put up with this for a long time but this am I cleaned up then when I used it there was sawdust everywhere. This wasn't an expensive unit but just under $300.00 at CTC. On the back just behind the blade is a small 2" round plastic pipe with a small bag on it. This bag collects nothing as the sawdust flys everywhere from the blade.
    Does anyone have an answer?

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    I have a sliding miter saw that I find that it is pretty much impossible to collect any more than 70% of the sawdust. I did take off the bag and stick my shop vac to it it collects quite a bit of the dust. The hose fell off today while I was cutting a 2 x 12 and I was amazed at the amount of dust coming out of the port

    Some guys have made a pretty good collection system for their compound miter saws. I'm sure that they will chime in.
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    You are right those little bags collect nothing.
    I have hooked up a small shop vac to mine as I don't have a central dust collection unit.
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    depending on what you have if you dont have any dust collector equipment then use the method frank suggests and the bag is just for looks sorta.. the connecting it to a vacuum hose is far better for collecting..
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    As someone mentioned, that dust port only collects a portion of the swarf. What's needed is a cone shaped affair behind the saw with a dust collector port in the center (or a shop vac hose). That'll get more if it but even that won't get it all. The cone has to be pretty wide so that it'll collect the swarf when you're making 45* cuts.

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    If you have the cash and dust collector you could try one of these.

    Its an age old problem especially if your machine is portable.

    Note just for the record i have not used one of these Rousseau hoods before and i am in no way connected to them.

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    one of the carpenters at a shop I worked at built a plenum with each end sloping to the bottom behind the saw that covered the entire arc of its swing. then he stretched a sheet over it and attached it on the top and two sides, then split it down the middle forming 2 curtains. Then ran the 4" dc hose into the bottom. When I first saw it my thought was that he must have had a lot of time on his hands the day he came up with it But it collected more dust than any other attachment or gizmo I have seen before or since.The plenum was big enough to catch the "spray" of dust off the saw, even most of the fines.

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    Take a look at what I built around my dual compound miter saw here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Arnold View Post
    Take a look at what I built around my dual compound miter saw here.
    Exactly! That's what I was trying to describe. The only difference was the cloth which I assume he was trying to create a bit more vacuum from the dc.
    worked real well!

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    Then there is the 'poor mans' version ... from one of the emails I get

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