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Thread: Group Build - First Project

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    Group Build - First Project

    Well, it appears there is some interest in doing a group build.

    In order for this to get going, I'd suggest that we need a few things to get started.

    1) A project.
    2) Some one to lead the project
    3) People to participate in the project.

    Steve Southwood has suggested that we do a nice little shop cart as a first project.

    That seems like a good idea, but I think we should probably have a discussion and then put up a poll on what the first project should be.

    We will also need to have someone to lead the project. Ideally it would be someone with some skills and the time required to lead the project. They should be able to put together some tutorials and videos above and beyond the plans that would be used for project. The leader should also be prepared to have enough time on their hands to complete the project fairly quickly and then be able to help others through the build.

    We will also need to get some people to participate.

    Sound good? Keep in mind this is all a work in progress, so we will be kind of winging it here to start.
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    Sounds good to me!

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    Cool beans!

    I will see what I have for supplies. I have a couple of small projects to do first and should be ready to start this next week!
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    Sounds interesting. How closely would we all need to follow the plan to make the group thing work? For example, I might like to tweak the dimensions of that shop cart so that it fits under my TS extension.

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    Charlie, you can tweak it, paint it, what ever you want. As long as it remains a cart. Instead of drawers it could be shelves. I hope you get the idea.
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    I think this is a great idea. I will pass on this one as I have a cart and no floor space for another. I could see this forum supporting all sorts of things; large and small pieces, Christmas-rush-runs, jigs and fixtures, too cool.
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    I like the idea of doing group builds. However for me.... I cannot start a new project for at least another month or two. So if this starts right away I will watch and read along but cannot participate.
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    I'll give it a go. May not be real timely..

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    How about starting it in January? Let the stress of the holidays and potential holiday wood gifts let more folks participate later on?

    If you want to do something shorter about a holiday ornament build/exchange (non-secular, of course)? I'm already stressing over the holiday season and it's only Sep (OK, I stress over everything)

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