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Thread: Group Build - First Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Noren View Post
    Dan your right I am sleeping on it...

    It doesn't fit my needs but I am thinking of making one something like Brent's after the New Year..

    I appreciate all your work, and was just thinking of this idea that seemed to have slowed down so fast this weekend.


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    I wish I needed another cart and had the time right now. The only way I might be able to use another cart is for veneer storage; i.e., built like a map cabinet that I could roll under my tablesaw outfeed area. Maybe I'll address that next year.

    The carts I built in Florida are shown below, if you need something like those. The sander cart is still the same. I replaced my planer, so there's now a DeWalt on the cart. I'm still using both of those carts. I really liked the cart I built for the contractor saw I had but sold it with the saw when I got my Jet cabinet saw with extension table.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys build.
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    I'm getting ready to build a simple plywood tool cart for collecting many of my frequently used tools on to take them to the work. For anyone looking for a specific style of cart or ideas, the Sketchup warehouse has a nice collection of carts and benches...

    I may end up also doing a cart similar to this one, but may do only a couple of larger drawers then use some plastic shoe boxes and such for hardware (latches, catches, hinges, etc...)

    I'm kind of liking Alan's idea of making all my cabinets/carts the same height as the table saw and other tools to make it where 1) I'm not running into something when I slide it around, 2) be able to use any of the carts/cabinets as extra surface.
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    Good idea Darren. I've got a couple of tools that are in inconvenient spots in my shop that I'd like to build a flip top cart for.

    Maybe we could have a build contest and the most practical shop cart gets a prize.
    Any interest guys and gals ??????
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    Sounds good. I've got one more flip top on my schedule to make...
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    Brent i am not interested in this tread but your avatar has forced me to post here...
    I like this style very much..
    Hope you will never mind my post.
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