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Thread: Radial Arm Saw

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    Radial Arm Saw

    Anyone got any experience with a mid 70's model Dewalt Radial Arm Saw? I think it's a 770 from looking at pictures on the web, but I emailed him to confirm.

    I'm mostly interested in it for breaking down stock and possibly dado use occasionally. Assuming it's in good condition, is this something that's going to have good enough slides to repeatably cut 90 degree cuts as well as a sliding miter saw?

    Nevermind... i searched a few more pages into google and found where someone on this site asked the same question... guess I should have searched here first!
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    When it comes to Dewalt RAS, I recommend joining the Dewalt radial arm forum over at Delphi. (I am not sure if there still is one on Yahoo, as it was the same group mostly)

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    Don't know about the model you're looking at but my Delta 14" RAS always gives me accurate / repeatable cross cuts. The guide rods and carriage bearings require more maintenance than I would like... they don't seem to do real well in a dusty environment.
    As far as dado's are concerned, it's doable but not the best. Your stock needs to be perfectly flat as does the RAS table to get consistent results. It's awfully hard to find a safe way to hold the work down while you cut the dado.
    I bought mine several years ago, and like I said it's accurate but in a crowded shop it takes up a lot of floor space. If I were to make the decision again today I would buy a second miter saw instead. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I've got a mid 70's 730 model{10"} that I'm very happy with. Though I mainly use it for 90 cuts, I have used the dado blades on it, and have done a 'few' miter cuts, and all with as good of results as I get with my TS{which ain't saying much }. The 730 is a lower end model, but all in all it seems to hold it's settings well.

    Also to be open about it, I've only used it 'once' in rip mode, I didn't feel comfortable for some reason, and that's all it takes for me to find an alternative.

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    I was to late to buy it anyway. It was only $125 and the pictures looked like great shape, but already sold by the time I called.

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