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Thread: something wrong?????

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    something wrong?????

    Ash vase with oak. I am not sure of this, it seem's that their is somthing not quite right about it. Not sure if it is the size of the top and bottom, or the choice of wood. By the way this is just a feeling on my part,my wife likes it so who am I to quibble
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    Your wife likes it, what else in life is there?
    It is an unusual shape, some won't like it, but hey, all of us don't like Dodges either! Functional as well as appealing. Good job!

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    Looks great to me!
    As Jonathan said, If LOYL is good!

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    Looks good to me and if momma likes it nothing else matters.
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    I have to agree with ya John. How ever I can't quite put my finger on it
    I think it might be the sides are to flat
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    Nicely turned and finished, but I agree with Chuck. Although rounded, the sides still have a certain 'squareness' to them. It's not necessarily bad, it's just different from the 'even, flowing curve' that many turners try to get. Also, the sharp, angular transitions from the body to the foot and the neck add to the square feeling. As I said, it's not wrong, just different from many of the turned pieces we're accustomed to seeing. And if the Missus likes it, run with it.
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    The squareness caught my attention also.
    Not bad, there are no rules for this sort of thing.
    Some folks don't like footed vases. I dunno why. I put foots on some of mine. I don't like wasting wood, if it is there, turn it. Better than sweeping up the shavings.
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    I like it. The only thing I see that may make it seem off, is that the foot is larger than the lip, and this difference stands out because of the straight sides. I don't see that as a problem, however. It means people are going to spend more time looking at the piece to try to figure it out.

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    Thank you for all your comments. As I was reading your post's I was looking at the vase and could see what you all meant. The side does seem too square and the connections could be smoother. Going with what you have said if loml like's it who am I to complain or question
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    The squareness is something that turners avoid because from a design perspective it hinders a smooth flow from the top to the bottom of the piece. Having said that, it is not a bad idea to go beyond the known design rules every now and then.

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