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Thread: Take a few minutes and remember

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    Take a few minutes and remember


    I'm going to take a few minutes out of my day to remember the 3000+ people and their families from all countries who were killed.

    My memories of being there that morning on a sales call for some reason have become very private. I do take a moment out of every day to think about the terrible loss of innocent human beings and the extreme heroism of so many.
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    Well said, Bob.

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    as I mention every year, a good guy was lost 9-11-2001, Glenn Travers

    and just to be crystal clear, thousands of good, brave, hard working americans were lost that day.

    our world changed that day, it will never be the same.
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    Yes very well said Bob. Never forget, never forgive

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    I watched a special last night and was both proud and balled my eyes out over seeing the images again. The widows and widowers were amazing on their ability to move forward...let's roll

    My mom passed away the next day on 9/12 at the age of 83. I'm pretty sure she would have kicked their butts if she knew what was happening. Just a surreal time for all.

    Never forget
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    I watched it all unfold from a hospital bed in Glendale CA, as I had broken my back in a fall on September 9th. Then for the next two weeks, it was all there was to watch on the three or four TV channels at the hospital. I still remember how amazed I was on the ride home when I saw all the US flags flying. They were everywhere.

    Everything did indeed change forever that day.
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    I woke up early that morning, camped out in Barstow. We were staying at Sharon's mom's house. I hate to say it but we were on death watch. Her mom was on hospice, so we knew it could be any time.

    I woke up early that morning. Was going to get some work done. Turned on the TV and shortly after I turned it on I found the news where they were showing the first tower on fire. I watched the entire rest of the day and saw everything unfold live. It was surreal.

    The next day I was in Sharon's mom's room as she struggled to pull her last breath. I think she waited an extra day just to not crowd the lines.

    I will never be able to forget what happened those days or the emotions that came along with them. I loved Sharon's Mom like she was my own.
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    Thanks for starting this post Bob,

    This artist does a good job in my opinion.

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    Very nice video Mike. We all lost something that day. As long as we never forget, we can move forward

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